Our brand comes from the words ‘zero’ and ‘olla’, which is Latin for ‘jar’. Together, they summarise our purpose. Our values are aligned to promote this purpose: a more sustainable lifestyle. We do this by offering natural, effective and zero impact everyday cosmetic products that are good for you, and for the planet. Conscious of the world that we live in, we’re committed to using our business as a means to make a positive impact, empowering all of us to be able to make more sustainable choices, starting from those products we use daily. 

Find out more about our 3 core values:


We recognise the nourishing and healing properties of nature. So we use only ingredients that are certified as pure, natural and organic. Our transparent formulations and supply chain are fully traceable, allowing us to control the quality of each ingredient we use. As a result, our bars are as gentle as nature can be.


Our bars are not only natural, most importantly, they work. Benefiting from the power of organic ingredients which is always harmony with our Earth nourishing properties, our bars guarantee safe and effective results at their highest standards.


All our products and the boxes which they come in, are entirely made in the UK as we are aware of the impact that can have as a manufacturing brand. Our packaging is not just very handsome; made from 100% biodegradable FSC paper, it's also fully compostable and recyclable. This way nothing goes to landfill.