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The importance of plastic-free packaging

Plastic is a strong, cheap and very versatile material. Unfortunately the majority of plastic waste does not get reused or recycled and experts believe that it's only used once before being discarded. Single use plastic includes plastic shampoo bottles, plastic water bottles, grocery bags, food packaging and the list can continue.

Why using Plastic-free packaging is important for us at Zerolla?

Most plastic can be recycled but most municipal governments don't have the infrastructure to do so, as it is an energy intensive process. Recycling plastic not only requires large amounts of energy but also uses large quantities of water.

Getting rid of plastic waste is our primary environmental problem, unfortunately, the production process is a leading cause of Carbon Emissions contributing to Global Warming. It takes a lot of energy and resources to make plastic with more than 90% being produced from fossil fuel resources.

Here at Zerolla we care about the environment, therefore, our packaging is made using 100% biodegradable material which means that can break down in a natural environment without leaving toxins behind.

Our products are not mass produced but made in small batches to ensure quality, using ingredients that are good for you and the Planet whilst ultimately leaving 0 Carbon footprints. 

Plastic is not only harming the environment but us humans too...

You can join our movement by reducing the use of plastic in your day to day life. There are plenty of environmentally friendly packaging and materials available now, that using plastic should not even be an option anymore!

Here are some useful tips to reduce your plastic consumption:

  • Replace your plastic water bottle with a stainless steel one.
  • Bring your own shopping bags whilst out shopping.
  • Use your own biodegradable coffee cup. Avoid buying products wrapped in plastic.
  • Avoid buying products that come in plastic bottles or plastic packaging.  
  • Use a bamboo toothbrush.