Halloween can be spooOOooky in many ways and we don’t just mean the skeletons, witches and ghouls . It can have a scary impact on the environment with single-use items creating unnecessary waste such as new costumes and decorations every year!  

We know it can be challenging to be sustainable especially when it comes to holidays. So, here are our top costume and decoration tricks for a greener Halloween:      


While we love outfit repeating, we know that not everyone wants to dress up in the same costume every year! But, you can reduce waste by not purchasing a new costume this year. Here are some repurposed and recycled ideas for costumes that will have you looking gourd-geous!:  


  1. Reuse or repurpose previous years costumes  

Instead of buying a new costume, try wearing costumes from previous years or even making your own with garments, fabric or items you have lying around your home! Maybe last year’s costume was a cowboy and this year, it could be repurposed as a vampire cowboy (???) with a few simple homemade accessories and some teeth 🧛‍♂️


  1. Costume swaps 

Tired of all the costumes you have dressed up in? No worries, maybe you can swap costumes with a friend or family member. This way all your costumes get to be enjoyed again! Not only is it cost effective, but costume swap parties are a lot of fun. Put all your old costumes to use and keep them out of the landfill at the same time.    


  1. Thrift your costume  

Instead of purchasing a new costume or accessories, try visiting your local charity  shop. Our top thrifted tips for costumes would be to come up with an idea for your costume and then piece your costume together one garment at a time or find a statement piece of clothing or accessory, get inspired and base your whole outfit around that piece.

Bonus, many charity stores benefit non-profit organisations, so you will be supporting the community and purchasing pre-loved items. 


  1. The power of make-up 

Buying a new costume every year can be a hassle and lead to more waste. Instead, try using clothing that you already have and elevating your costume with face or body make-up.



What’s a holiday without decorations? We know that decorating helps get everyone in the spirit of Halloween and caring for the planet doesn’t mean you have to cut out decorations. We’re here to help with some low impact tricks for a Boo-tiful Halloween 👻 


  1. Compostable decorations 

At Zerolla we’re BIG on composting, even having our very own compost… Pumpkins, squash, gourds and hay are great compostable decoration options. You can be festive with lots of decorations and support your local farmers! BUT make sure to compost or feed them to a furry friend - deers love pumpkins 🦌- instead of throwing them in to landfill. 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins end up in landfill every year when they could’ve been composted - this isn't the kind of spooky news we like to hear! 


  1. Reusable decorations  

Ditch single-use decorations for good by choosing decorations you can reuse and repurpose for years to come. While we love thrifting and second hand finds, sometimes you may find yourself having to buy new. Which is okay! When buying new decorations, we recommend being conscious of what you are purchasing and consider if you’re going to be able to reuse it for a few years? Being mindful of your purchases is a great start to being greener.  

Using the same decorations doesn’t necessarily mean that your house will look the same year on year… using your creative flare the same  decorations can be used in many ways masking them completely different to the prior year!


  1. Get crafty  

Check out that craft closet or even look at the things you might have thrown away like cardboard to create something spooktacular. You can make decorations out of cardboard like cutout tombstones and pumpkins. DIY decorations are the perfect way to personalise your decorations to your liking. RIP Plastic ⚰️  


  1. Lights 

If you are going to light up the outside of your house be sure to choose a more environmentally friendly option. Instead of fluorescent, incandescent lights, choose LED lights! LED lights help to conserve energy, are more durable and last longer.  


It’s important to remember that even one single use swap this Halloween can make a difference. 

From the Zerolla team, we Witch everyone a Happy Halloween! 🎃 🧙‍♀️

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