The idea of using solid shampoo and conditioner bars is easy for some. We know that a lot of you have been sporting Zerolla  bars in your bathrooms for a while now.  For others, rubbing a bar on their hair or face (or armpit!) still seems just a bit… weird.

 We’ve gathered up a lot of questions that are commonly asked about bars and addressed them below.

The top four reasons people still feel a bit iffy about Zerolla bars.
It’s all just soap, isn’t it?

You guys it’s not. It looks like a bar of soap, yep, but really all we’ve done is taken delicious shampoos and conditioners (among other other things) and just sucked the water out of them.

Our bars are 100% soap-free, so they’re super gentle on your scalp, hair and skin.


It’s not going to lather up properly

Yes, it absolutely will!

This is by far one of the biggest reasons people give us the side eye – they want that foamy goodness when they’re shampooing and just can’t see how they could get enough product through their hair to do that. And that’s not surprising – so many other solid beauty bars are lacking in the lather department. The foam is also the first thing people notice when they start using our bars – just a swipe or two, and there’s lather for days.

So how do we bring the bubbles in our shampoo without any soap? It’s all about them natural foaming flakes derived from Coconut Oil!


It won’t clean my hair like salon shampoo will

Trust me, it definitely will.

Whether you have very oily hair, wash your hair only once a week, frequent the dry-shampoo aisle or love leave-in treatments and other styling products, our shampoo bars will clean your hair just as well as salon shampoo.

Each bar is essentially three bottles of salon quality shampoo, minus the plastic, palm oil, harsh ingredients and water.  

The bars are made using high-quality and ethically sourced ingredients. They’re also pH balanced and won’t strip your hair of colour.

Using a shampoo bar is unhygienic 

The opposite, actually.

If you think of all the other things you share with your partner, family, friends and even complete strangers (toilet seats – ick.) beauty bars are the least of your worries, really.

Still worried? You can just chop up your bars so everyone gets their own piece.


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